FIND Network

The FIND Network

What is the FIND Network?

The FIND Network is a voluntary registry that is used to connect individuals in the neurodevelopmental disorder community with research opportunities, educational resources, and events. Members of the FIND Network have the opportunity to hear about research being done on neurodevelopmental disorders and are periodically contacted if they are eligible to take part in research. They are also invited to educational events, and receive information about resources in the Minnesota region. Members of the FIND Network are under no obligation to take part in research studies that they are contacted about.  The FIND Network is a valuable tool for improving understanding, enhancing treatment, and extending resources for neurodevelopmental disorders in Minnesota. The FIND Network is a collaborative effort made possible by the University of Minnesota Autism Initiative, organizations serving individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and You!

Who can join the FIND Network?

People of all ages and abilities with or without a diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental disorder can join the FIND Network. Family members and friends, as well as educators and professionals, are also invited to join the registry and to learn more about research, resources, and events in the Minnesota region.

Why is this important?

The FIND Network bridges the communication gap between researchers, professionals, organizations serving individuals with disabilities and individuals within the neurodevelopmental disorder community. Through our joined efforts we will improve screening, diagnosis, treatment, education and care for individuals with a neurodevelopmental disorder. The FIND Network will…

  • Increase options for families dealing with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Increase knowledge about autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Keep the community informed about the most current research
  • Give families the opportunity to participate in research and events
  • Offer a joint resource to clinicians, researchers and educators focused on ASD and NDDs

How do I join the FIND Network?

To join the FIND Network you fill out a short online survey. You can fill the survey out for yourself if you are over 18 years old, or a legal parent guardian can complete the survey for an individual under 18 years old. By taking the FIND Network survey your information is held in a secure database. The database compiles basic characteristics of members so that they can easily be identified and contacted when studies for which they are eligible begin recruitment. You will only be contacted by studies that have been reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board. Follow the link below to join the FIND Network!

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For more information, please contact our Autism Network Coordinator Jaclyn Gunderson at or contact our research team at or 612-625-8448. 

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