Research Support

Equipment Available

The Center for Neurobehavioral Development provides a variety of developmental tests, electrophysiology equipment, and software to research studies, see the listing below. For a full listing, see the CNBD Orientation Packet. If you are interested in learning more about equipment available for Center researchers, please contact the CNBD.


Developmental Assessments
  • Eprime v.1.0 and 2.0
  • Netstation
  • Pea Pod/Bod Pod
  • TOVA
  • Matlab
  • Endnote
  • SPSS
  • Procoder DV
  • DAS
  • Nepsy
  • Mullen
  • CVLT
  • Bayley
  • Stanford-Binet
  • WISC
  • WASI


Equipment Support

A library of manuals has been compiled relating to the CNBD Equipment. Most of the manuals are located in the computer lab at the Center, as well as online. Please contact a staff member if you have questions or problems regarding equipment or software. See the manual library below.

Journal and Book Library

The CNBD's conference room contains numerous academic articles and books relating to neurobehavioral development. For information on available journals and books, please contact the cnbd at

Educational Support

The CNBD hosts a yearly colloquia series as a means to disseminate information and inspire continued research. See the Events section of this site for dates and times of upcoming colloquia.

The CNBD is interested in learning what our members and students would like to learn. Please contact CNBD Staff if you have a particular request for colloquia topics, training lectures (such as the past statistics and MRI talks) or equipment training. In addition, if you are interested in presenting your research or lecturing at the CNBD, please contact Michael Schmidt at

Available Manuals



Netstation Tutorial
EGI Nets Technical Manual
Netstation File Formats Manual
AV Device Manual (timing tests)
Netstation Acquisition Technical Manual
Netstation Viewer Technical Manual
Netstation Waveform Tools Technical Manual
Netstation GES Hardware Technical Manual



E-Prime User's Guide
E-Prime Reference Guide
E-Prime New Features Guide
E-Prime Network Timing Protocol
E-Prime Extensions for Netstation Manual
E-Prime Getting Started Guide



Sound Calibrator Technical Manual
TOVA Manual
Audio Meter Instructional Manual
Sound Meter Instructional Manual

Autonomic System:

BioPacs Acknowledge Tutorial (PDF)
BioPacs Acknowledge Technical Manual (PDF)

Software and other manuals

Software and other manuals

BMDP Version 7 Manuals 1-3
FAS Facial Photographic Analysis Software 1.0.0
Procoder DV
SAS version 6: User Guide and Language

Miscellaneous Manuals

Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Audacity Manual
Hierarchical Linear Model Version 5 Guide
Meeting and Event Planning for Dummies
Quickbooks 5
Quickens Quickbook v. 99
WebCT Vista Basics Manual